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The Secrets to Tackle the Troubles:


The Secrets to Tackle the Troubles:

Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to get over-sorry for ourselves, and go about saying: "Is there any trouble like into mine?" 

It is very unhealthy condition, self-pity, and if we have become the victim of it, let us determine to care of ourselves. And how are we to do it? 

First let us remind ourselves that crowds of our fellows are in similar deep waters of even deeper waters, and for their sake we ought to try to be brave. 

Secondly let us deliberately, sometimes, count our blessings. Most of us will discover that we have many more things to be thankful for than we had imagined. All our friends have not been unkind and all our prayers not gone unanswered. Thirdly, and most important, let us remind ourselves that we have not been put in this World just to have a heavy and pleasant time. We have been sent here to grow in character and usefulness to others. Life was meant to be a fight, a fight against shoddy things in the world. And so let us stand up to our troubles, accept them, use them for our further development and perfection. It makes all the difference to our troubles, the attitude we take up to them. 

Let us take up to them the attitude of gallant acceptance, regarding them not as oppositions but as opportunities for spiritual advancement. 

"An old Negro was once asked how he managed to remain so cheerful, in spite of so much troubles. He replied that he learns to cooperate with the inevitable." 

That is the secret _ not rebellion or tame resignation but active cooperation, regarding the difficult things as the bit of the line you have to hold, the bit of the vineyard you have to cultivate. If we adopt this attitude, our troubles will weigh less heavily and our pains will lose their sting. "We shall gain consolation and strength to combat troubles with a smiling face." 

Amina writes.

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  1. Motivational speech, really your writings were too always helps me to tackle my boosting me up'nd I will pretty sure,your words will help others too....
    May you grown as you are growing...
    May your words will read around the world....Aameen