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Everything is a gift and every gift is a test:

Everything is a gift and every gift is a test:

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Amina Baig.

1_ Life is a play of lights and shadows. We cannot banish sorrows from our life altogether. It is complementary to joy. But if we go ahead constructively and courageously, we can stimulate the forces of accomplishment. The surest truth is that the world is a looking glass. Life gives us no more than we give it. We should see the brighter side of things. "Man is the master of his fate, and can make it a hell or a heaven by his own actions." If we adhere to goodness no evil can come to us.

2_ Everyone has one's own journey, the journey is one but destination is rather different. Some are kept in search of demand and some are given favors without asking. Someone's demand is a test and someone's reward is a test. Everything is a gift and every gift is a test.

3_ They oppress as if I had no God.

4_ The world is like an ocean, the ocean full of floods, we are to become a skilled sailor.

5_ By the words of people that feel like arrows in the blazing sun, you should not be discouraged, your Hope should not be dashed. They give you, rather, strength to empower yourself.

6_ No peace treaties can avail that have revenge as their basis and self-righteous arrogance and hypocrisy is so-called victors.

7_ When a seed of greatness has been sown, the plant can grow upward.

8_ Patience is medicine which is good for all diseases, but it is not every garden that grows the herbs to make it with.

9_ There can be no sunshine without shade.

10_ Do what you really want to do and just don't let the gravity pull you down.

Amina Writes

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