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BA BSc English Important essays

BA/BSc English Important essay's:

1 ) Corona Virus :
Corona virus is a type of common virus that infects humans, typically leading to an upper respiratory infection. This pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World war Two. The  pandemic is much more than a health crisis. It has also a potential to create devastating social, economic and political effects that will leave deep and longstanding scars. Every day, people are losing jobs and income, with no way of knowing when normality will return.

Lock down is a need of the hour in order to prevent Covid-19, which is also causing numberless problems everywhere in the world. However, every country needs to act immediately to prepare,  respond and recover.  As far as Pakistan is concerned,  it has overcome the corona  virus with great strategy..
In order to prevent this disease it is suggested to wash hands with soap and water regularly and to maintain "Social distancing". The scientist are trying utmost to make its vaccine as an its ultimate cure.

2) *The climate change and its impact on the Earth*

The sudden changes of temperature of environment refers to as a climate change. It happens due to some internal and external factors mainly as much as possible.  The climate change has become the global concern over the last few decades. It affects life on the earth in various ways. It has various adverse effects on ecosystem and ecology.
The whole process started due to human activities a long time ago, but we came to know about it in the last century.
The research about the climate change has revealed that the Earth's temperature is rising due to a phenomenon called greenhouse effect.  It has caused many ozone depletion, affected our agriculture, water supply, transportation affect several other problems.
The climate change includes many other reasons such as volcanic eruption, solar radiation, tectonic plate movement, orbital variations etc. These activities raise the temperature of the earth to a great extent causing an imbalance in nature.
Human activities like deforestation, using fossil fuels, industrial waste also add to the climate change, a different type of pollution and many more.
Due to these climate changes the ocean level is rising, glaciers are melting, CO2 is increasing in the air, forest and wildlife is declining and aquatic life is also getting disturbed.  It is calculated that if this change keeps on going, many species of plants and animals will get extinct.
It means human mistake has caused great damage to the climate and ecosystem.  But it is not late to start again and try to undo what we have done until now to damage the environment.  We can mitigate the situation only when the individuals should start contribution in order to sure our existance in the future.

"The Kashmir problem is very old one and has been major challenge for all governments"

The Kashmir issue is the biggest hindrance in the normalization of relations between Pakistan and India. In view of its geographical significance , India desired to acquire Kashmir when partition of  sub-continent become essential in 1947.
Kashmir was sold in the hands of India just for meager wages.  The people of Kashmir have been suffering from inexpressible miseries since 1948. In 1957, a new constitution was adopted. It established Kashmir as a part of India.

               The Kashmiris are not given religious freedom, rights of education and ever self-respect. Indians disgrace young girls and commit untold atrocities and tortures on them. The Kashmir problem is the biggest danger for the world's peace. It has worsen the atmosphere of two countries. In order to tackle the tangled issue, the UNO should play an active role as it has played in Iraq-Kuwait case. The Muslim Ummah should also resist the atrocities of Hindus and should prove that Islam is a force which cannot be suppressed.

"Kashmir is a issue which can only be settled by peaceful talks between   two countries without any intention . The United States realize this."


With the advent of the internet online education has become very popular . Online education is a form education where students use their home computers , laptop and mobile phone through internet and it has reached its culmination after spreading an acute pandemic named COVID-19 in present era.  Online education has challenged the students , teachers and exposed the lack of technology in Pakistan.

 "E-learning doesn't just happen, it requires careful planning and implementation"

However in Pakistan, online education has both advantages and disadvantages . Advantages are;
Students can study at their convenience . All the study documents, training material are safely stored in online data base. Those learners , who take online education acquire technological skills through using different media.  Travelling time is saved in online education.
  It is said that:                             
"The  most effective learning takes place in the classroom , where you can easily raise your hand and engage in spontaneous discussion with classmates and faculty"

Disadvantages of E-learning are :
E-learning can cause social isolation . Computer software may be challenging for the students and teachers. Everyone cannot afford computer, laptop or mobile phones. Students feedback is limited in online education . E-learning demands high speed internet. Cheating prevention is complicated during exams.
If we want to make our online education system effective , we should eliminate these problems.

5 ) *Over population*

Over population is one of the favourite term for the analysts, historians, philosophers and authors to criticise it. The term has a plane meaning that the rapid increase in the population of the country when its resources are limited and not enough to educate them, train them and support them.
Population of a country is its strength as it provides many industrialists, engineers, doctors, pilots, political activists, administrators, army officers and economists etc.
The government should have potential to support the masses.  The size of population must be within the means of the country to support it.  The population of the world, on the whole, is increasing rapidly than the development of the economic resources.
The whole thing includes the various factors such as increase in the birth rate, a decrease in infant morality rate, the life expectancy growth etc. Due to unawareness of people the birth rate is increasing many folds in comparison to the death rate.
Mortality rate refers to the number of death of infants below the age of 6 months.  Due to science and technology, now we are able to control the mortality rate as much as compared to the formal days.
The life expectancy of the people was 50 to 55 years in the past.  But now we are able to add it almost 20 to 25 years.  Now the average age of a person has increased to 70 to 75 years. The mass illiteracy is one of the biggest problems of family planning. All these factors have added the population of the country but the economic condition is not revolutionised so far. It can be stated that illiteracy is one of the biggest problem in the pace of development.
Over population has created many problems. As the number of the unemployed are increased with every 1% increase in the population. The poverty in turn increases due to unemployment.  Most of the people belong to below the poverty line and do not have adequate knowledge of the over population of the country. They are also major contributor to the birth rate. In order to prevent the over population government should take effective steps to aware the masses and should implement some strong compaign for birth control.
By controlling population explosion we can minimize insecurity, illiteracy, poverty and unemployment.

6 ) _*Why do we study     literature*_

The study of literature is favourably important to reveal that what the old historians have not written rather they have saved it as far. Literature reflects the culture, customs and traditions of a particular place to the fullest.  It also enables us to check how should we follow our culture and traditions.  People read literature because there is a school criculum where it is stated that we have to read certain number of books per smester.
The most frantic and surprising fact is that people read literature by examining the thoughts and actions in the book, they develop their ability to criticise.  Literature is our way to understand our life purpose, our society and our culture.
By reading many books, poems , stories, plays and other types of literature, readers discover that different people have different destinies and they are doomed to end their live in such a way.
For example the story from *Shirley Jackson* *"The Lottery"* is not a story about lottery, rather it is a story about stoning people to death. It is just amazingly mysterious how one can change the life of others.
People should read literature because it raises their ability to respond to characters and plot and other elements in the text. Responding to literature, there is not a single right way to respond as long as you have an argument, strong evident from the text. There is no right or wrong in the literature.
The readers develop creativity, the ability to examine the text alone and come up with possible interpretations. We study literature to comprehend things. To conclude, there is not one solid argument why we should study and read literature, because there are many arguments.  In short , while not reading books people will not know how much is their life worth.

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