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BSc II Math A: Chapter 03 Matrices

BSc II Math A: Chapter 03 Matrices

BSc Mathematics Chapter number 03 “Matrices”

This chapter has great worth is both pure and applied mathematics.
In many branches of business, biological and social science, it is necessary to express and use a set of numbers arranged in a rectangular array.

In this quiz, we have discussed some important topics of “Matrices”.

1) Types of matrices.
a) Row matrices
b) Column matrices
c) diagonal matrices
d) identity matrices
e) equal matrices
f) scalar matrices
g) zero matrices

2) Algebra of matrices.
a) equality of matrices
b) zero matrix
c) addition of matrices
d) Inverse of matrices
e) Multiplicative inverse of matrices and additive inverse of matrices.

3) Multiplication of two matrices A and B is possible only If number of column in A is equal to the number of rows in B.
The commutative law for multiplication of matrices does not hold.

4) Transpose of a matrix
5) Periodic matrix, nilpotent matrix, involutory matrix.
6) We have discussed symmetric matrix and skew symmetric matrix.
7) Hermitian matrix and skew Hermitian matrix.
8) Partitioning of matrices.
9) Inverse of a matrix
Let A be a square matrix of order n. A matrix B of order n is said to be the inverse of A if  AB= BA = I
10) Singular matrix and non singular matrix.

11) Elementary row and column operation:
a) Interchange of any two rows or Column of matrix
b) Multiplication of a row or column of A Matrix by any non zero real or complex number.
c) Addition of a scalar multiple of one row or column of A matrix to another row.

12) Rank of a matrix.
Number of non zero rows after echelon operation.

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